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Humanbot helps its long list of esteemed clientele make the most intelligent software for Marketing Personalization, Predictive Analytics, Image Analysis, and Natural Language Processing. We are a company that helps you develop Artificial intelligence applications with Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. Are you up for reshaping your business with AI’s innovative solutions? Here is everything that you need.

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

Humanbot’s services that will help with business optimization

Today, AI has unimaginable accessibility and it has been well incorporated into the business size of any kind, alongside verticals that range from law enforcement, hospitality to healthcare. Our AI services help a business system handle logically complex tasks faster compared to operations done manually. These services work excellently across a diverse range of technologies to deliver integrated solutions.

Intelligent recognition of document

Our IDR (intelligent recognition of documents) software solutions help to classify information rapidly and also help with metadata extraction from multiple types of documents. These are inclusive of medical records, tax forms, invoices, and applications.

Data Integration
Data Warehousing

Computer vision

The platform of computer vision is very useful to extract actionable real-time insights from simple images. It presents solutions like semantic segmentation, object-video tracking, object tagging, and image classification.

Integration of machine learning

Our specialists help to develop and design ML models that enable model selection, pre-processing, clustering, regression and model classification.

Core Analytics
Data Presentation

Natural Language Processing

We assist in building voice-enabled applications at an enterprise level alongside products to amplify business productivity.

Chatbot Development

Our team can create chatbots that help in boosting the efficiency of a business and reduce the communication gap. With these chatbots, you can improve and automate services across multiple touchpoints. Humanbot helps you develop voice-user interfaces, search bots, banking, and shopping assistants, as well as kiosk systems that are interactive.

Core Analytics
Data Presentation

Business Intelligence

AI engineers at our end can perform and create strategies to accomplish performance analysis, forecasting, customer analysis, and optimization.

Security solutions

The software engineers have extensively worked on myriad security solutions powered by AI. These include speech, handwriting recognition, and facial software with contextual-matching, biographic and biometric capabilities. Other automated security processes by AI are inclusive of threat assessments, situational analysis, and object detection.

Core Analytics

The key areas of service that Humanbot has expertise in

Artificial Intelligence specialists have the potential in redefining the operations of an enterprise and thus here are some of the services that you can benefit from.

  • Market and Finance prediction bot
  • Advanced analytics of business
  • Access protocols that are based on biometrics
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Cloud-based AI
  • System of patient management
  • Video analytics and Face detection
  • Decision management
  • Image and pattern recognition
  • Bot development
  • Custom development of AI software
  • The solution to retail analytics

Why choose Humanbot?

AI is driving the entire industry mobile app industry. Developers day-in and day-out are working hard on flexible algorithms that can intuitively as well as seamlessly enhance experiences. And, we, at Humanbot, aspire to guide you right on the customized AI software development path. A few salient advantages of making the most of our AI development services are discussed below.

  • We aid establishments save on time and cost because of our know-how associated with software methods and various technologies.
  • We offer precise maintenance and support processes that will help clients 24X7.
  • We translate every enterprise want into robust solutions to the software.

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