The trend of android app development has reached a new height over the past few years. With mobiles playing a crucial role in reaching the target audience fast, businesses are now opting for android apps. But to develop incredible android apps, what you need is the right and reliable android framework.
So without any further delay, let's have a look at the 10 best and most trending android frameworks used for app development in 2019. 


One of the best frameworks for creating great-quality hybrid apps, NativeScript, supports Vue and Angular frameworks and delivers outstanding app development results. Along with offering angular integration, it features Native API, which is used for controlling native API endpoints.
Remember, for a great android app development experience choosing the right framework is crucial. With new frameworks being introduced every month, along with these above-mentioned industry preferred frameworks, it's important to stay updated about them as well to find the one most beneficial.  

Corona SDK

This cross-platform framework lets you develop apps and games fast for both desktops and mobiles. Offering a smooth experience of software development Australia, this free framework supports MAC, Android, and Windows and uses a light-weight programming language.  

Adobe PhoneGap

A cross-platform open-source framework, Adobe PhoneGap offers a fantastic android app development experience in different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This fast-performing framework helps in developing apps free of any hardware limitation.  

React Native

Developed by Facebook, this JavaScript framework offers proficiency and performance along with advantages like maximum re usability and backing for third-party plugins. This hybrid framework doesn't require using two different programming languages for creating Android and iOS apps.  


Based on SASS, this free open source framework lets you create robust hybrid apps and test them on different popular platforms. Being a cross-platform framework, you can both develop apps and customize them for different OS. It comes with excellent documentation support for android app development. 


Developed by Google to create immersive and beautiful UI, this cross-platform app is swift and doesn't require JavaScript bridge. Written in Dart language, it lets you see the changes made in the code by you., like React Native. 


A popular framework for development app Australia, Xamarin is used by millions of people all over the world. For those wanting to develop apps without diving into Java, Xamarin is the best choice. It's fast as well as cost-saving. 

Titanium SDK

Developed by Appcelerator, this open-source framework has become quite popular for android app development, despite being launched very recently. It's more like a development environment which is used to develop native apps easily and quickly for various operating systems. 

JQuery Mobile

When it comes to developing only one code can run across all devices and operating systems, JQuery Mobile is the framework you need for HTML5 app development . Whether it's Windows or iOS or Android, this framework lets you develop apps for all and make them function flawlessly. 

Mobile Angular UI

This framework is ideal for those who prefer Angular and Bootstrap. Combining Bootstrap and Angular JS, it creates responsive and scalable HTML android apps very easily. Mobile Angular UI is one of the most preferred hybrid frameworks for app development in Australia.