Over the past few years, the software and technology sector in Australia has flourished at a rapid pace

Over the past few years, the software and technology sector in Australia has flourished at a rapid pace. Therefore, to stay ahead in the software business, you need to be aware of the up-to-date software development Australia. Do you want to know about the top technologies used by the software development company in Australia? Well, then you’ve come to the right place as below are some of the most popular software development technologies that are widely used by the majority of software development companies in Australia.

Node JS

Providing a faster way of writing light and scalable scripts, Node JS is widely used by custom software developer Perth for executing codes on the server-side. Allowing the developers to develop real-time applications, Node JS is cross-platform, open-source, JavaScript server environment that also provides scope for writing mobile applications. Used by numerous software company in Australia for small-sized project development and both front-end and back-end development, Node JS is server-side language acting as Java.


Laravel is an extremely popular open-source free PHP web framework that is widely used for developing applications for both big and small projects. Laravel is preferred in the software development Australia for its customizability and elegant syntax, which makes it easy to write expressive and self-explanatory codes. Following the MVC structure, this framework makes learning web development an easy task for anyone.


Considered to be one of the most reliable, user-friendly and easy to learn software developing languages by the reputed software development company in Australia, Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language for general purpose. It is the extreme code reliability and briefness, that makes this language widely used. Just like Java, this programming is intuitive and comes with similar syntax like the English language. The use of this full-fledged language is not limited in developing backend systems, APIs, scrapers and crawlers but go beyond developing complex desktop applications.

Angular JS

Angular JS is often the first choice of the custom software developer Perth as it’s a powerful and high-performance open-source framework for developing web applications that are easy to maintain. When it comes to creating dynamic web applications of high interactive quality, this JavaScript-based front-end open-source web framework turns out to be the most comprehensive and reliable technology. Some of the primary advantages of this structural framework are its efficiency in developing Rich Internet Applications, and its automatic handling of JavaScript code as per the browsers’ suitability. It also allows the use of JavaScript in a clean MVC way.


A JavaScript library for developing a simple yet effective user interface for different applications and websites React is prized for its ease of management, declarative approach, reusable components and simplicity. One of the most preferred JavaScript library choices of many software development professionals and software company in Australia React is a commonly used front-end framework or software library.

To develop software with modern and latest technological features it’s important to know about the latest and trending software development. Consult with a custom software developer Perth or opt for a reliable and professional software development company in Australia today to get the support of the right software development technology needed for the success and efficiency of your digital projects.