Starting a new business or already own one? Are you looking for the best overall services necessary tohelp your business grow? There are different IT services that your business might need, such as Software Development, Web Development, Cyber Security, and

Starting a new business or already own one? Are you looking for the best overall services necessary tohelp your business grow? There are different IT services that your business might need, such as Software Development, Web Development, Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing. It might be intimidating to look out for different companies who are experts in these services. As a business owner, you'll always want what's best for your company. We, at Humanbot, strongly believe that all the IT services that you should take all the services you need for your business from a single company.

Here’s why:


When running a business, small or big, one of the important things that you are short of, is time. Explaining the same requirements to several companies might take up a lot of your time. Investing a good portion of your time just once can prove out to be a great option for you.

A new business has several requirements, such as software development, digital marketing, cybersecurity, web development, and much more. Each one of them is connected to another in some way or the other. Thus, communication between the teams is crucial in this case. If the services that you take are from different companies, you might end up wasting a lot of time by acting as a messenger between companies.

Variation in Quality

When taking IT services from different places, there might be a lot of variation in those services. For instance, a company X may be great at Web Development and another company Y does not do a very good job at digital marketing, no matter how good the front end is,your business won’t be able to gain much attention if the digital marketing services are not up to the mark.

Thus, your overall business might get affected when you take services from different companies. One good company can help you scale your business and take it to the next level.

One Company for all your stuff

Every company has its own set of rules and ideologies that they think are best for their clients when implemented. One company's way of working might not resonate with the other's. This might result in a complete teardown of your business.

In 2015, at the time of Alpha Bank breach, the web developer was supposed to compensate for more than 1,50,000 US dollars. The court documents proved that even though the web design was great, it lacked basic anti-malware software, critical software and customer information encryption.
To avoid these kinds of troubles, it is better to take all the services from the same company as all the requirements and vulnerabilities are kept in mind while they provide you with the best service possible.
Integrated Environment is always better

Software Development

Software is considered to be the heart of any business. The business software that a company builds for you is responsible to maintain and control your business. There might be a lot of complex operations that your company handles. As a business owner, you will want to build a business software that makes it easier for you to do most of the activities and tasks running in the company and most importantly, making all the essential data available at one single place.

Now, a company providing you with all your IT services knows the working of your business very well. It will help you build the right software will streamline the activities and processes within your organisation or company and all your information will be centralised at one place.

SEO and Web Development

SEO and Web Development go hand-in-hand. in fact, it is believed that SEO should be built along with the web designing and development and not added in later. All that money you spent on making your business website look attractive is profitless unless online users actually land up on your website. If your website is not well optimised for search engines, Google (or any search engine) won't list your business website in the top few results when keywords specific to your business are searched.

When the same company handles your SEO and web development services, it is kept in mind while designing the website that it should be search engine optimised so that it gives you better search rankings, more website traffic and thus more business. According to a case study, when SEO was taken into consideration, organic traffic increased by 11065% in just 6 months.

Web Development and Cyber Security

Having a website that has a stunning design and user interface is of little use when it is vulnerable to hacker attacks. A website needs to be secure in addition to having a good web design. A study shows that 86% of the web applications written in PHP have at least 1 XSS vulnerability and 56% of them have an SQLi vulnerability. These vulnerabilities come among the top 10 web application security risks according to OWASP.
A company might be great at designing websites, but if it fails to take into account the security of the website, the sensitive information about your company and clients might be misused which might result in lack of trust in your business.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO are very closely related. Some even believe there is no major difference between the two. Technically, SEO is a subset of Digital Marketing where it deals with improving your website’s ranking on search engines and bringing the organic traffic on your business website, whereas Digital Marketing as a whole, focuses on making your business’s online presence better.

With over 5.5 billion Google searches per day, your business needs to have the right online presence and a good search result ranking. It is shocking to know that 91.5% of the search audience never go to the second page of the search results. In fact, 33% of them click on the top search result. A crucial takeaway from this is, a company might put in its best efforts in running campaigns for you but if there's no proper attention given to SEO, it will be quite difficult to boost the organic traffic that comes to your business.
Keeping all the above points in mind, choosing a single company has not one, but several benefits.The company that you choose acts as an ecosystem where they take care of all the technical and marketing services that your business needs. This way, you can focus solely on your business and think of the ways of making it better for you as well as your clients.

We, at Humanbot, provide you the right IT services you need to run your business smoothly.