A man in the middle attack is the concept of someone intercepting and changing the information between two parties for financial or other incentives. The greatest example of this is the great hack of 2015, where 49 people were arrested for intercepting many banks in middle Europe and were able to leave with over six million in US dollars. They were able to do this by using phishing to place money requests and then using man in the middle attacks to overlay a copy of the request that looked exactly like the actual request, allowing the employees to continue with the payment.


A person that is connected to your network, will always have access to the information that you send off to the world wide web. Normally this is regulated by the usage of internet protocols or IP's that are able to differentiate between the different individuals of the network. But if the person has control over your internet router, they can change the receiving information as they please. A person who is able to view and change the information you receive or send off over the internet will be able to collect all kinds of sensitive data such as your bank credentials, your passwords, your sensitive work information, etc.

How can it affect my business?

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams

A person intercepting information between you and another party will be able to gain sensitive information, that you might not want the world to know about. With the usage of phishing and MitM together, they will easily be able to use your business to gain money by being in the middle of your clients and your employees.

What can I do to prevent this attack to happen to my business?

The usage of the internet in the past couple of years has definitely become more and more secure, with the usage of the ‘Http’ being replaced by ‘https’ which in a way helps in encrypting the information between you and the party you are communicating with and Google, since 2018, has been using tagging websites as insecure which do not have the https tag. But, as the saying goes, lightning does not strike the same place twice. Hackers are vigilant about this and always come up with new ways to strike your system.

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams

How does Humanbot help?

Humanbot acts as a tunnel between your data and the party you wish to communicate with, securing the information in its transit. This way if anyone tries to intercept and access the information you put out, they could have to go through another stronger layers of security. When you move your data into more secure Humanbot servers, it not only provides you with API security but also prevents you from losing that data for the future. Security is built from the start of the lifecycle of every project you wish to implement, with the services of different applications to manage your threat.

At Humanbot, we have got you covered with all your Cyber Security needs as we have expertise from Software to the Hardware components that will mitigate the risks from these attacks.

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