Ransomware is a type of malware with the ability to encrypt files of the infected computer or system. Once all the files of the victim’s system are encrypted, the ransomware demands for a payment in return for the decryption code. The ransom is usually demanded in the form of bitcoins or gift cards to leave no trace of the crime.

Types of Ransomware

Over the years, a wide array of ransomware has been a nuisance, targeting people all around the globe. It can broadly be categorised into two types, locker ransomware and crypto-ransomware.

Locker ransomware

Locker ransomware, as the name suggests, can lock you out of your computer or system. It then demands a ransom to let you gain access again. Reveton is locker ransomware that first appeared in the year of 2012. It locked users’ from their computers preventing them from logging in.

Crypto ransomware

A crypto-ransomware encrypts the files of the infected system and demands for a ransom for the key. Cryptolocker was the first crypto-ransomware that hit in 2013. Many similar kinds of ransomware appeared with a slightly different approach of execution like the crypto wall, CTB-locker, Torrentlocker etc. WannaCry is by far the latest ransomware that is known to infect over 100,000 computers in the year of 2017 by exploiting an unpatched Microsoft Windows vulnerability.


  • A ransomware attack can encrypt all your important files and data, making it completely inaccessible to use.
  • Such a security breach may completely disrupt your regular business ongoings, bringing a major loss to the firm.
  • Once your files are encrypted, the ransomware will demand a big monetary payment in return for the decryption key which might destabilise your finances
  • There is no guarantee of retrieving the data back after the payment is done and there will be no one to blame, once the transaction is done.
  • There is no way anyone can assure that there would not be a second time.
  • Once your business becomes a victim of ransomware, it directly hits your firm’s reputation. There is a good chance of losing consumer base since people might feel anxious about sharing any of their personal or finance-related credentials with your business association.


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