An SQL injection is one of the most common methods of web hacking. An SQL injection is a code injection that has the capability of destroying a company’s database. In an SQL attack, the attacker forces a website to misinterpret information and take uncalled-for actions by submitting information that has been intentionally formulated to do just that.

How an SQLI(SQL injection) attack harm a company?

Almost all businesses with data rely on SQL-based data servers to store their data, but these databases are not as protected as most people think. A recent survey by Small Business Trends showed that 26% of businesses were victim to an SQLi attack in the last year. If a company fails to adapt to a secure database framework, it can be vulnerable to such attacks.

Compromising Data Confidentiality

A data breach is the worst nightmare for any corporation. Disclosure of data can cause adverse effects, both to the business and its customers. Attackers can expose a user’s credit card information, email addresses, social security number, passwords and house address among other private information.

Losing Administrative Privileges

Once a hacker is inside the system, he/she could lock the administrator out of the system and have access to the entire database, the hacker can also impersonate a user which could result in the original user losing his/her credentials.

Degrade Reputation

A data breach in an organization of any size can result in a serious degradation in its reputation. Data breaches can cause customers to lose trust in the company, and if the company provides solutions to other businesses, this could cause the company to lose its contracts and also result in bankruptcy.


Having a data breach can result in class action lawsuits by any affected party, this could result in huge legal fees, and if this happens to a small/medium size company, it could cause the company to go down.

Prevention against SQLi attacks:


A business can make use of simple solutions to avoid an attack of such a massive scale. Some steps can be taken to ensure something like this doesn't happen.

  • Using a good firewall - Having a good WAF(Web Application Firewall) architecture can help an organization go a long way in filtering out malicious data and preventing such attacks
  • Continuous Monitoring of SQL query statements from connected applications - This continuous monitoring can help identify rogue SQL commands and vulnerabilities. A good monitoring tool will make use of Machine Learning and behavior analysis and can be very useful in preventing attacks.
  • Hire a database consultant - A database consultant can help guide a company in creating a secure database and preventing attacks.

At Humanbot we can help you by providing solutions and prepare you for such attacks. Having a secure framework goes a long way in safeguarding data and keeping the business running.

At Humanbot, we have got you covered with all your Cyber Security needs as we have expertise from Software to the Hardware components that will mitigate the risks from these attacks.

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