Enterprise mobile application development

Humanbot offers enterprise mobile application development to help the companies in streamlining their workflows, increasing the productivity of employees, enhance the experience of customers, and also ensure quick and convenient user access to the corporate knowledge base. The mobile applications developed by our teams are synchronized and securely integrated with the existing corporate databases, systems, and applications.

By relying on the mobile application development experience, Humanbot helps the enterprises to go mobile as well as become more operationally responsive.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development

Humanbot works on building custom enterprise mobile applications by implementing the enterprise’s requirements as well as company-to-company functionality. We provide enterprise mobile application development across different platforms and devices as well as secure application integration with any corporate systems.

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Enterprise Application Mobilization

Our team helps the enterprises to extend the reach of the existing corporate products as well as transforming the web and desktop solutions to fit the mobility requirements. We don’t simply port the existing web and desktop applications to mobile, but we adapt the UX and functionality to develop an amazing enterprise mobile application.

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Mobile Application Upgrade

Humanbot helps in upgrading and optimizing the legacy of mobile application development
 solving application performance and usability issues, migrating to new platforms, creating a
better user experience, ensuring smooth operation, and keeping up with the developing
technology environment.

Technology enablement

Humanbot has a solid grasp over a huge range of technologies due to which we are capable of delivering extended functionality to mobilize B2E, B2C, or B2B enterprise processes.

Augmented and virtual reality

The technology has advanced to augmented and virtual reality. We make use of these technologies by combining it with the knowledge of characteristics of cameras, sensors, displays, and device processors in order to create engaging and interactive mobile applications for enterprises of different industries. Humanbot has been successful in creating engaging experiences for different users with our product demo, 3D image visualization, location, or recognition-based augmentation of the real-world scenes, as well as educational solutions for customers and employees. We provide several services such as hardware integration, scene rendering, UI/UX design, engineering of location-based algorithms, and environment recognition. Humanbot provides enterprise mobile application development at any scale and complexity for all platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.

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User experience design

Humanbot develops mobile applications that are synced with sensors and wearables, which empowers the corporate users to manage remote employees, consumer data and monitor analysis, deliver context-based content, and also get real-time insights. We implement a full-stack IoT network infrastructure. We design and prototype with IoT boards and platforms in order to engineer custom integration scenarios.

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Image analysis

With the advancement of technology, we develop enterprise mobile applications that make use of a smartphone camera to detect and analyze the real-world objects. We, at Humanbot, create mobile applications that could scan a barcode, OCR of paper documents, industrial quality inspection systems, and also complex medical images. We help in turning your devices into powerful equipment with the best computer vision capabilities.

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