Intranet development

The Intranet is a computer network that stores and shares information, priorly uploaded onto it, to and within an organization. Being a private extension of the intranet, Intranet improves internal system communication and dataflow, in turn, enhancing team-working and efficiencies, and maintaining customer relationships. It helps in project management, training, and collaboration through the ease of communication.

Why must your company invest in intranet development

The benefits of using an Intranet-based system for interdepartmental liaison are many.

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Improved Collaboration

Functionality among employees smoothens, owing to easy data access throughout the organization.

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Democratized Corporate Culture

An equitable work scenario is observed, as the same information is read and used by all employees alike.

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Electronically available data eliminates the need for printing and distributing.

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Centrally Saved Documentation

Editing and updating of various drafts with timely updates become easier on a central platform, thus offering better control over file status.

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Bettered Communication

Integration of instant messaging, audio-video, and email enables better exchange of ideas.

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Information Safety

Data stored in the Intranet stays secured within the domain. It can be accessed by only those who have authentic permission to do so.

Humanbot and the intranet

Humanbot is a specialist in the Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Data Analytics sector based in Australia. It offers excellent enterprise solutions with its well-trained teams, comprising of experts in web design, SEO, marketing strategy, software development and IT.

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Design and Development

Portals created can be premise-bound, cloud, or hybrid. To aid individual and collaborative work, intranets are scalable, optimally featured, and device-agnostic.

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Intranets created here are integrated with enterprise systems for good business interoperability.

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Support posterior to service

In-house specialists, designers, business analysts, and a panel of experts, forming a cross-functional team, are available for technical support as and when needed.

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Tuning and customization

Based on business specifics like process automation, employee productivity, communication workflow, and organizational structure, Humanbot builds each feature from scratch to perfectly fulfil each client’s requirements.

Humanbot provides customized software development in a rapid, cost-efficient manner to businesses to help them head well.

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