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Custom Software Development is one of the vital cogs of a business and Humanbot masters its development in Perth.


What is an intranet?

The Intranet is a computer network that stores and shares information, priorly uploaded onto it, to and within an organization. Being a private extension of the intranet, Intranet improves internal system communication and dataflow, in turn, enhancing team-working and efficiencies, and maintaining customer relationships. It helps in project management, training, and collaboration through the ease of communication.

Why choose our software development service?

We have an Onshore/Offshore developmental team which brings in an array of new ideas that are reflected in the software that we develop.

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Let’s not even start on how popular Mobile Applications are nowadays. They have become an integral part of everyone’s life due to the high frequency of Mobile phone users in our country. But there is a stereotype when it comes to businesses with Mobile Applications. People think that it is only for companies that are big and well established. Well, we are here to break that stereotype and prove them wrong. The benefits of Mobile Applications are undeniable no matter the size of the company. With the product architectural minds of our onshore team and the technical expertise of our offshore team, we create Mobile Applications for all kinds of businesses regardless of its size. This has made us one of the best app developers in Perth. The subscription-based model that we provide makes it cost effective and easily accessible to the majority of the businesses.

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The beginning for Amazon have been humble but they have become a mammoth in the field of E-Commerce. This one notion of thought is enough to showcase the significance of an Ecommerce site. Creating an E-Commerce website is easier said than done. It requires a lot of plugins to be integrated and a lot of pages to be assigned to their respective categories. We help you create a site with the best look and feel and will also provide you with the admin access so that you can customize your site based on your impromptu needs.

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A client portal is something which is very vital these days. It gives out easier communication access and will also help the clients add important business activities such as business retrieval, scheduling meetings, project management and so on. They also serve as a great database for the work that they have uploaded or downloaded all along. Humanbot masters in getting these login portals for websites in the best manner possible.


Whatever kind of business you might be (small scale or large scale), invoicing is an integral aspect in every one of them. There have been instances where services have been prolonged because of the delayed invoice process, at rare times even being cancelled. This has been a huge pain to bear for a lot of companies in Australia be it Software, Commercial, Designing and whatnot. We provide a solution where we create a gateway which allows the payment of the invoice online. This has been very vital for the companies that we have worked for because of the shortened time frame between the payment of the invoice and the service being provided.

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Interactions (API)

Application program interface (API) is a set of routines and protocols that one must follow while developing a software. Assuming that you are already an existing company with a grounded platform. You decide to take your business to another level by integrating new technologies that are being developed, this is where Humanbot comes in. We study all the aspects of API for the software that you are trying to emulate and create the technology that you desire for your company.

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Virtual Assistant (Chatbot)

Chatbots are probably the most important thing that you have to add to your website in this coming age. Chatbots are probably the best way to give the required information to the customers, get their personal information, clearing doubts and the list goes on and on. Statistics state that businesses show a considerable increase in sales with the integration of chatbots. We, at Humanbot will help you create the best Chatbot assistant and also encourage new businesses to take it up, so that your customers are not left out when you are not virtually present.

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