Web and enterprise portals

We, at Humanbot, deliver best-in-class functionality and UX for both Web Portals as well as Enterprise Portals. Some of the key things for web and enterprise portals are listed below..

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We have a huge experience in delivering robust solutions for portals.

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We integrate the web applications as well as services in the mobile-friendly portal interfaces.

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With our optimization services, we create innovations in the existing infrastructures and portal solutions.

Range of Web Portal Development Scenarios

Humanbot provides a wide range of portal solutions that possess different complexity and scope. Whatever might be the underlying scenario, we have been successful in delivering a dynamic experience for the customers, employees, and partners.

Web Portals

There are no compromises made when we are building a business portal. All the elements like performance, growth potential and cost-efficiency are kept in mind. Humanbot has the perfect skill set as well as experience essential to guarantee delivery of reliable solutions to serve and retain customers.

Enterprise portals

We take up portal development and deliver highly productive extranets, intranets, and engagement workplaces to the customers with access to the aggregated information, enterprise social functionality, expansive collaborative capabilities, and self-service workflows.

Web portal design development
based on your needs

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Our team of experts has the capability of connecting the portal solution to multiple applications and data sources. We implement the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as well as integration with third-party web services, payment systems, social collaboration tools, and data feeds.

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Scalability and Performance

There is no stop to the evolution of technology due to which your portal also should never stop evolving. Humanbot team design very flexible portal architectures by keeping an eye on the growth, user numbers, comfortable accommodation of increasing loads, and fault tolerance.

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Humanbot’s have a mature DevOps approach and extensive expertise in building, testing, and deploying automation. This approach enables us to deploy portal solutions fast, maintain
cost-efficiency, flawlessly operate in the wild, and also ship new features to the solution.

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360° Security

Humanbot looks after ensuring all aspects of portal security. Every factor of security from transaction security and data access to digital signature solutions and data encryption.

“We, at Humanbot, implement the maximum scope of portal features. The features could be from different platforms and technologies. We integrate the user experiences by wrapping process automation, advanced content management, as well as transactional capabilities.”

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