What is POC?

Proof Of Concept (POC) is a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that is used to demonstrate a certain hypothesis. POC is used to test some hypothesis and demonstrate several possible solutions in order to develop a blockchain application for any business industry. POC helps in defining the possibilities, feasibility, and the goals that could be achieved through that particular blockchain project. Do you have a product idea that you wish to test? Are you not sure about your product idea and looking for testing your hypothesis? Do you want to convert your idea into a potential product? If the answers to these questions are yes, then Human Bot is the perfect place where you can get all the things done.

What are the different stages
of creating a POC?

There are three stages of POC development. At the end of these three stages, there would be a potential solution for the product’s feasibility. We, at Human Bot, will guide you to decide about your product idea. Our team of experts will help you discover the viability of your project to the decision-makers.


There is a need for a viable theoretical case for any project so that the feasibility of the product could be made clear in the minds of the stakeholders, end-users, and others. A set of proposals is created in order to explain the parameters that will be kept in the project. The proposal will act as the centre of attention while taking the forthcoming decisions.


After the completion of the theoretical process, the stakeholders have given their words about the project. Now, there is a need for a working prototype to support your theory and test it in front of the decision-makers. A prototype can consist of a sketch, code, information architecture, design, or even a tested product.


This is the final stage where a product is created with the minimum optimum features that are actually going to be used in the long run for the product. An MVP is done to test the hypothesis of the product on the project and check out the things feasible for the product. This is the stage where the end-users might get a chance to use the product.

Benefits of POS

Our team of experts at Human Bot has specialized developers and blockchain analysts. The team of experts will help you in creating proofs of concepts to shape your idea into a basic working model. Let us have a look at the key benefits of developing a POC for your business.

Increased cost-efficiency

POC for blockchain application services is very helpful in projecting the pros and cons of the project to the stakeholders without any high investments of capital or time. POC will give a good idea of the project to the stakeholders so that if they give a go, only then you have to invest your money in the project.

Rapid prototyping

It is difficult to make any kind of changes after the product is completely ready. Due to the POC development services, our team validates the idea for its scope with the help of research. The scope of the project is known through the step-by-step guided approach that will test the functionalities of the product during the development process.

Areas of POS

We, at Human Bot, help you in developing POC Blockchain Application Development Services for different industries such as medical, networking, insurance, telecom, banking, investment, SCM, and many more. Our team is available at your service as per your requirements. If you have any requirement of custom blockchain application development, we also have a team of expert blockchain developers who can fulfill your needs.






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