Security token offering

The Crypto coins that can pass the Howey Test are Security Tokens. These tokens get their value based on tradable outside assets. They are also referred to as Securitized tokens as they are liable to government regulations and securities. Security Tokens are developed to enhance the trust of the investors in different projects.


What is security token offering (STO)?

We, at Human Bot, have teams of experts for all the development purposes in Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the latest tech that is in trend, and we are offering all the services related to Blockchain technology.

Features of security token offering (STO)

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Legally Compliant Tokens

The tokens being issued are embedded with smart contracts that have all the regulations mentioned by the registered jurisdiction coded in it. These also include the legal frameworks of investor qualification rules, transaction limits on transfer, and fundraising.

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Global Investor Participation

There are several problems faced by the issuance companies during the time of secondary training when there is involvement of different companies. Our tokens could be traded across the countries with the idea that the tokens comply with the securities laws. The development of token sales is because of conditionality on smart contracts.

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Blockchain technology ensures that all the transactions are visible to the financial regulators. There are several benefits of a transparent ecosystem that helps the Cryptocurrency market as per the government regulations. Entrepreneurs can generate funds more simply and cost-effectively.

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At Human Bot, we develop a technology that allows the issuance companies to reissue the tokens to the investors if the investor loses the key to their wallets in the subject to terms and conditions. The investor must possess the rights to reclaim his tokens, and it should be compatible with the legal requirements.


Types of STOs

Equity Tokens

With the advancement of Blockchain being used in businesses, the flow of Cryptocurrency has increased. As the transactions are being made very often in cryptocurrencies, the need for a Cryptocurrency Wallet has also increased. We, at Human Bot, can help you in creating your Cryptocurrency Wallet to boost up your business growth.

Reserve Assets Tokens

The companies that are trading in commodities like real-estate, gold, etc.can launch their STO with our help where the reserves of the assets mentioned would back all the tokens.

Debt Tokens

These tokens are issued by the organizations to the debt investors when they do not receive the real-world resources.

What are the advantages of STO?

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Attracts Global Investors

The principles of tokens are uniform all around the globe. Due to this reason, a token can be purchased and exchanged by financial specialists all around the world. Security tokens are considered to be more fluid, then secretly held offers that are expensive to exchange.

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Own Blockchain

You can have control and administrative consistency in the token biological community. All the issues of the decentralized, trustless system could be taken care of by building up your own blockchain.

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Faster Execution and Reduced Costs

With the help of security tokens, it offers faster execution, and there is no need for agents that work as middlemen. This declines the expenses as well as the time required for advertising.

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Democratized Access to Capital Markets

The issuers, as well as the investors, will get the benefits of Tokenized Security. We offer tokenized security with all the legal documents that will help you to move up to universal capital very easily.

Security token offering services

At Human Bot, we have pioneered in Security Token Offering Development. The tokens can also be developed with your own blockchain so that the transactions are faster, and there are zero gas prices.

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Voting Rights

A voting platform that is built on blockchain enhances transparency, scalability, and security. All the data is stored on a distributed ledger.

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KYC/AML Automation

KYC/AML Automation is helpful in the efficient onboarding of the investors in a short time. There is a flexible interface that keeps you ahead by responding to new developments easily.

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Accredited Investor Verification

The simple, reliable, and confidential interface help the companies to verify their investors through a simple questionnaire and some certification requirements.

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