An ICO(Initial Coin Offering) acts as a way to raise funds. ICOs have turned out to be a popular method used by the startups for fundraising. It is indeed a challenging project to build an ICO from scratch. The startups who are offering services and products related to blockchain space and Cryptocurrency makes use of an ICO. The Smart Contracts run on a decentralized platform called Ethereum. The applications on the decentralized platform are run precisely in the manner they have designed for without any fraud or interference of the third party. The conditions that are placed in the Smart Contracts are verified on its own, and then the data is executed.

How does ICO help to fundraise?

ICOs are analogous to IPOs (Initial Public Offering). IPOs are related to the stocks, while ICOs are related to Cryptocurrency. ICOs are a way of crowdfunding. When you participate in an ICO, you receive some tokens. These tokens help in raising funds for the projects. Once the market value of the token increases, you can sell it for a higher price than the price you bought it for.

As per statistics, 3,782 new ICOs were initiated in 2020. ICOs have been successful in raising a total of approximately $11.4 billion in 2020.

We, at Human bot, also have several blockchain experts that include analysts, engineers, designers, marketers, developers, and consultants.

Process of Launching an ICO

  • Firstly, you need to have an idea about what you need. You need to think it through whether your project actually needs an ICO or not
  • Know your competition in the Blockchain World.
  • The ICOs need to be legal in that particular area before you launch an ICO. Research towards the legal side of ICO and verify whether it is legal or not in your country.
  • Create an ICO token as per your requirements.
  • Draft a whitepaper to get clear with all the details of the project.
  • Launch a website to make people understand about your ICO.
  • A crucial part of launching an ICO is promoting and marketing the ICO. This has to be done in a perfect way.

The last step of the process is to launch the ICO

The services provided by Human Bot include project formulation, drafting of the whitepaper, development of tokens, distribution, the launch of ICO as well as ICO marketing.

Human Bot follows a roadmap to understand your ICO requirement in a better way.

Ideation and Validation

A team of blockchain experts will assess and analyze your idea in the beginning. It will help the experts to understand the feasibility, requirements, and also the validity of the idea.

Creation of White Paper

A team of technical content writers will work on generating relevant and powerful content that could effectively communicate your idea and vision through the paper.

Design of Landing Page

Landing Page is the place where you give your first impression to the visitor. It has to be the perfect place where the target audience likes the overall design. A team of designers will develop an informative as well as an appealing landing page that could present your idea to the target audience. Our web experts take care of UX/UI during the development of ICO.

Pre-ICO Marketing

Social Media is the best place to promote any new product or service. We possess a robust network for marketing and promotion. Your brand will be promoted over various social media channels like Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter, Steemit, and many more.

Development of Tokens

There are different standards of token development. A team of Blockchain engineers works on developing a token that is perfect as per your preferred standards.

Development of Wallet

We develop a flexible and highly-secure infrastructure for the wallet. The wallet can support multiple cryptocurrencies. The wallet can send, receive, and store the coins as well as the tokens.

Post ICO Marketing

We work on multi-channel marketing. In this way, it becomes easy for you to catch the attention of potential investors. We do the work of covering everything from PR to SEO and SMO.

Perfect Launch

We make use of social media channels to create hype around your launch. The launch of ICO will be made on time, as per your selection of dates.

The services offered by Human Bot are designed in a way to lead the market. We have experience of working with different levels of businesses from ICO startups to fully established businesses. If you are looking for an invaluable insight for ICO development and also understand the various concepts related to ICO, then Human Bot has the perfect consulting team to help you.

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